Building Power Among Farmworkers



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Worker justice

FWAF organizes and builds the skills of farmworkers to address injustice in the workplace, such as wage theft, and the impacts of globalization and mechanization.  In addition, the Association works with minority small farmers to access the resources necessary to maintain and improve their farm operations.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Project

The project is a collaboration between Florida Organic Growers Association, the Farmworker Association of Florida, and other organizations.  The purpose of the project is to expand to the southern region of the U.S. the organic/sustainable food system model developed by the Agricultural Justice Project (AJP) to improve social and economic fairness and quality of life in the food chain.  AJP’s goal is to build an alternative food system to provide an economic incentive for social equity and just working conditions through the establishment of standards, a reliable verification system, and introduction of a label demonstrating compliance with social standards.  You can read more about AJP at the web site:

The Farmworker Association of Florida

The Farmworker Association of Florida is an active member of the Domestic Fair Trade Association.  The Domestic Fair Trade Association is a collaboration of organizations representing farmers, farmworkers, food system workers, retailers, manufacturers, processors, and non-governmental organizations. Internationally, the Fair Trade movement has united farmers, workers, traders and consumers with a message of fairness, equity and environmental stewardship in trade with producers in marginalized countries. Increasingly, we can see that the challenges faced by rural communities are very similar around the world. Learn more about the DFTA here

Latino Farmers Outreach Initiative

An initiative of Farmworker Association of Florida and National Latino Farmers and Ranchers Trade Association with technical assistance from Rural Coalition and financial support from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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