Apopka Area-office and Headquarters

 The Farmworker Association’s main office is in Apopka, FL, just outside of Orlando. The area used to be a major citrus and vegetable growing region. In recent decades, the area has transformed from a medium-size rural community into a suburb of the city. While some citrus and vegetable crops continue to be grown in northwest Orange and south Lake Counties, the major crops are currently landscape, foliage and ornamental plants.  Apopka calls itself “The Indoor Foliage Capitol of the World.”  Population: Apopka has a large African American and Hispanic population and also serves a significant Haitian community. The area’s history is very representative of the racial biases that still effect many areas of the United States: economic class is often divided along racial lines in Apopka, which still has a gentrified North and South Apopka.