Who We Serve

One of the core founding principles of the Farmworker Association is that the organization be led by farmworkers. FWAF works in communities composed of low-income, Latinx and other ethnic-minority, migrant and seasonal farmworkers, many of whom are documented or undocumented immigrants, with little or no formal education, and who speak little if any English.

Its constituency and members are multi-racial, multi-ethnic, and multi-cultural. The membership is 94% Latinx (predominately Mexican and Central American), 3% Haitian, and 3% African American. Approximately 60% are undocumented and approximately 40% are women. A large percent live in overcrowded, substandard rental housing, and have no health insurance or worker benefits. 

With offices located in five communities, FWAF’s organizing efforts impact at least 50,000 individuals annually, in rural agricultural areas of fifteen counties in central and south Florida. [10/28/2020 – DCrump edit]