Maximize your gift impact on Give Miami Day!

On November 18, just one month from now, Give Miami Day returns for the 10th year! One of the nation’s biggest 24-hour annual giving events, Give Miami Day is an online campaign where all locals are philanthropists. We love Give Miami Day, because it is the one day of the year where every gift counts extra with the Miami Foundation bonus money!

Bookmark the Give Miami Day page for the Farmworker Association of Florida now, so you can find it easily on November 18th.

How can you maximize you impact? First of all, the Miami Foundation who organizes Give Miami Day has a Bonus Pool. The more money we raise for the farmworkers, the bigger the bonus we will receive on top of your gift.

During Power Hour, your donation has an even bigger impact with extra bonuses available. Our Power Hour is themed ‘Civic Engagement, Advocacy & Equity’ and starts at 2 pm sharp on November 18th. Set a reminder now to make the most of your gift!

A new Community Garden in Homestead

Thanks to our supporters who choose Give Miami Day for their donation, this event has grown into our biggest fundraising event of the year. For our office in the Miami area, Homestead, we are raising funds to get a new plot of land for the community garden as the current land got sold. But our impact doesn’t stop in Miami, we advocate for Food Sovereignty in the whole state of Florida. 

Our other focus areas, where your donation can have a real impact on the lives of Florida farmworkers are:


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