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workers in the field

Essential but Ineligible – Gainesville Sun

Robin Lewy, Antonio Tovar, and Samuel Trickey articulate the struggles and the need for government support to the farmworkers on a quest to get COVID …

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where vegetables come from

Girasole Documentary

Researchers at Emory University partnered with the Farmworker Association of Florida to conduct collaborative research on heat related illness. This documentary, Facing the Sun, documents …

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citrus worker
Health and Environmental Justice

Risk Factors for elevated heat strain

As global temperatures rise, increasing numbers of individuals will work in hot environments. Interventions to protect their health are critical, as are reliable methods to …

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COVID-19 Response One of the Farmworker Association of Florida (FWAF) in 2021 priorities continues to be to inform and support the communities we serve with …

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Agricultural workers

Heat stress research focuses on farmworkers, athletes and military

A Emory University research project with Florida farmworkers was part of an innovative multi disciplinary convention on heat stress. Researchers on heat stress in agriculture …

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