Legacy Donation

Help Ensure the Long-term Sustainability of the Farmworker Association of Florida

The Farmworker Association of Florida’s long history of making a difference in the lives of farmworkers is not possible without the support of the many individuals, families, supporters, and allies. These contributions help fund the day-to-day working operations of FWAF and our five offices deeply embedded in Florida’s farmworker communities. The everyday work of protecting farmworkers’ immigrant rights, workplace health and safety, living and working conditions, access to healthy food through the community gardens doesn’t have regular business hours. We strive to serve and provide the communities where we work the respect and dignity they deserve.

To ensure the organization’s ability to carry on this important and vital work, we encourage you to consider a future donation to FWAF by including the organization in your last will and testament as a legacy gift to yourself and to the Farmworker Association.

As long as people need to eat and as long as crops need to be grown and harvested, there will be farmworkers working on the frontlines doing the work to nourish the entire American public. You can make a difference to ensure that the Farmworker Association of Florida will be there working to defend their rights and working for greater protections long into the future.

To make a legacy donation, contact the Farmworker Association of Florida at
407-886-5151. Thank you!