María Elena Valdivia

María Elena Valdivia is a passionate social justice advocate and community volunteer. As a volunteer María Elena has developed and implemented many community events in Florida and Wyoming.  She has extensive experience coordinating with diverse groups and organizations and bridging the gap for services. 

María Elena graduated from the Tecnologico de Michoacan with a specialization in accounting and Business Administration; shortly after that she emigrated to the United States and began her quest for social justice and community involvement. She became involved in many activities with children, youth and adults in Putnam and Volusia Counties in the early 2000’s.  Recognizing that education is the great social equalizer, she became a lead teacher with the Plaza Comunitaria in Crescent City where she was charged with literacy and basic education for youth and adults who did not complete their basic education in their native country. This Plaza Comunitaria became the most effective in Florida under her role as lead teacher. Maria Elena is a person with many skills and talents, during this time she also became the choreographer for Grupo Ozomatli, a folk-dance troupe formed by elementary and high school students performing throughout Florida for several years. The group lasted for several years and was invited to many events in our state, they even performed alongside professional dances in the Mexican Independence Day celebration hosted by the Mexican Consulate in Orlando and at Stetson University. 

Currently, she is the Coordinator for the Farmworker Association in Pierson where she is charged with mobilizing and organizing farmworkers to achieve better working conditions, wages, and equality. She is actively involved providing services and resources for the farmworker population as well as organizing many health clinics, COVID-19 vaccines, and access to many services in her local community.