Staff & Organizers

Farmworkers Association of Florida

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Farmworker Association of Florida is elected every five years during the FWAF statewide General Assembly. Delegates to the General Assembly are selected by the members of the local leadership committees or chapters in each area. The delegates then elect the members of the Board to reflect the demographic composition of and to represent and report back to their specific local community.


  • TIRSO MORENO – Co-Founder, General Coordinator

  • ELVIRA ZAMORA –  Administrator

  • SONYA YOUNG Financial Officer
  • DAVID CRUMP – Grant Writer

  • MIREYA LEDESMA  Receptionist, Community Service Coordinator, Community Assistance Services

Area Coordinators/Organizers

  • MARCOS CRISANTO Pierson Area Coordinator and Organizer; former farmworker

  • YESICA RAMIREZ Apopka Area Organizer; former farmworker

  • MARIA MARTINEZ Fellsmere Area Coordinator and Organizer; former farmworker
  • MARIA CARMONA Immokalee Area Coordinator and Organizer

  • ELVIRA CARVAJAL Homestead Area Organizer; former farmworker

  • CLAUDIA GONZALEZ Homestead Area Organizer; former farmworker

Program Coordinators

  • J. ANTONIO JOSE-AGUILAR Principal Investigator, Community-based Participatory Research Projects with Academic Institutions

  • JEANNIE ECONOMOS Coordinator, Pesticide Safety and Environmental Health Project
  • PASCALE VINCENT Coordinator, Vocational Rehabilitation Program

  • GRISELDA PAYNE  Coordinator, Sisters / Compañeras Program

Other Staff ~ Full & Part-Time

  • Edward Castillo – Computer Technician

  • Ivonne Moreno – Front Desk Receptionist, Apopka

  • Jesus Ivan Vasques Torres  – Agroecology/Campesinos’ Gardens, Apopka

  • Blanca Flor Vallejo – Para-legal, Apopka

  • Blanca Valentin – Campesinos’ Gardens, Fellsmere

  • Jasmine Avila – Campesinos’ Gardens, Pierson

  • Nezahualcoyotl Xiuhtecutli – Field Coordinator – Research Projects

  • Jean Luckner Millien – Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Apopka

  • Susan Vargas – Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Apopka

  • Xochitl Contreras – Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Apopka

  • Cadet Saint Louis – Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Immokalee

  • Maria Guadalupe Gomez – Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Homestead

  • Marie Kerna Michel – Vocational Rehabilitation Program, Homestead




“The Lake Apopka survivors are claiming justice, and their plight, long-time forgotten, is beginning to resonate across international borders.” — Chela Vazquez, Campaign Coordinator, Pesticide Action Network North America
Published by the University Press of Florida.

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