Ivan Vazquez, Apopka Campesinos’ Garden coordinator for the Farmworker Association of Florida and a DACA recipient, talks about how both have changed his life in deep and meaningful ways. Ivan is a valued and beloved Farmworker Association of Florida staff member, whose skills, abilities and leadership have grown and continue to grow through the responsibilities he has taken on and through the role he plays within the organization.

Coordinating Apopka area community members and student and young adult volunteers in weekend work days in the FWAF’s community garden, to speaking out on behalf of himself and other DACA young people, Ivan has come to be seen as a humble, yet strong and dedicated, leader in his community. The recent stories of the separation of immigrant children from their families was a source of pain and outrage for Ivan, as it was for all of us at FWAF. Rather than remain silent in the face of these tragic separations, Ivan, along with other FWAF staff, marched with hundreds of others around the state for the rights and protections of our Brothers and Sisters coming across our southern border, and for all people, who deserve no less than universal, basic human rights and dignity, respect and freedom.

Listen to Ivan here, as he shares his story: https://www.thelovevote.org/campaign/ivan/