Disaster Preparedness and Response

In 2021 FWAF has seen an unprecedented need in the community due to COVID 19 and the complications that arose due to lockdowns and cessation of work. FWAF became a central place for information dissemination as well as a FEMA distribution site for masks, and other PPE supplies. We also set up several food aid distribution sites.

We maintain vigilance and provide training for preparedness for all kinds of natural disasters as well. From floods to hurricanes FWAF works to make sure our communities are safe, informed, and prepared.

Food distribution
FWAF workers bag food basics for distribution to members and farmworker families.

Following natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, low-income immigrant communities have consistently been slow to receive assistance and are often the victims of discriminatory and inadequate services. FWAF works to organize communities to know their rights in responding to disasters.

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