Video Stories

Planting Seeds, Growing Justice

Pesticide Lake

Every day, farmworkers across the county are exposed to a toxic brew of chemicals. One of the communities that has been impacted is Lake Apopka, Florida.


Harvard Law Documentary Studio: In a climate where H-2A and undocumented workers toil under the persistent threat of injury, deportation, and extreme poverty, few are willing to speak out. NARANJEROS peels away layers of complexity to reveal farmworkers’ narratives of migration and survival.

Asa Aarons’ Poverty in America Series: Lake Apopka

Reporter Asa Aarons travels to Lake Apopka, FL as part of a continuing series of reports on poverty in America for HDNews, part of the VOOM HD Networks.

Sowing the Seeds of Justice

Out of the Muck

Geraldean Matthew helps to lift her fellow former Apopka Farmworkers, who are ill and impoverished.

Food Sovereignty

Farm Together Now teamed up with the National Family Farm Coalition to make a video about Via Campesina’s seven principles of food sovereignty.

Rompiendo El Silencio (Breaking the Silence)


Estella is one of the thousands of women who are working at the fields of Central Florida to provide food to our tables.

Faces of Florida DREAMers: Ivan’s Story

Ivan, from the Farmworker Association of Florida, shares his story of how DACA impacts his life.

Para La Gente: Documentary on Immigration and Farmworkers in America.

This an 8 min preview of the 60 min film “Para La Gente: The Film Documentary” which we are putting together as part of an Amnesty International at the University of South Florida advocacy for farm worker rights, immigration reform and immigration rights in America and the Farmworkers Association Week of Awareness.

Green Going Forward: The Lake Apopka Environmental Justice Community

The idea of sustainability stands on three legs: the economy, the environment and social equity for the community. The Lake Apopka farmworker community is an example of an environmental justice community left behind in the policy and planning. It is not sustainable to address only the economy or only the environment. The Marsh Flow-Way Project and Lake Apopka Restoration Act were implemented to address the ecological issues such as the health of the lake but ignored the health and concerns of the people. Collaborations between community organizations like the Farmworkers Association of Florida and educational institutions like Florida A&M University College of Law are invaluable and can boost the strength and effectiveness of equity with regards to sustainability.