Our Team

One of the Farmworker Association’s founding principles is that the organization be led by farmworkers. Our Board is elected by local membership councils, reflecting the ethnic/racial/gender diversity of the communities we represent. Organizational leadership and majority of the staff also come from the communities served.

The Board of Directors of the Farmworker Association of Florida is elected every five years during the FWAF statewide General Assembly. Delegates to the General Assembly are selected by the members of the local leadership committees or chapters in each area. The delegates then elect the members of the Board to reflect the demographic composition of and to represent and report back to their specific local community.

General CoordinatorPrincipal Investigator

Nezahualcoyotl (Neza) Xiuhtecutli

Maria Elena, Florida Farmworkers Association's Area Coordinator - Pierson
Area Coordinator/OrganizerPierson

María Elena Valdivia

Olivia Perez
Immokalee Area Organizer

Olivia Perez

Grants ManagerGrants Manager

Annie Seay

Maria Barragán
Homestead Area Organizer

Maria Barragán

Immokalee Area Coordinator and Organizer

Maria Carmona

Admin Assistant

Beatriz Castillo

Jeannie Economos
CoordinatorPesticide Safety and Environmental Health Program

Jeannie Economos

Homestead Area Organizer

Claudia Gonzalez

Maria Martinez
Fellsmere Area Coordinator and Organizer

Maria Martinez

Front Desk Receptionist - Apopka

Ivonne Moreno

Yesica Ramirez
Apopka Area Organizer

Yesica Ramirez

Financial Officer

Sonya Young


Elvia Zamora

Computer Technician

Edward Castillo

Campesinos’ Gardens Fellsmere

Blanca Valentin