Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter!

The Farmworker Association of Florida was founded by African American, Haitian, and Hispanic farmworkers in 1983. We have seen how our African American family has been on the receiving end of the brutal racist labor structure on which the United States was founded beginning with the enslavement of our African brethren to work the fields of the colonizing capital. FWAF recognizes the legacy of enslavement permeates other aspects of our society in policies to the detriment of black communities and that often robs them of the benefits of reasonable doubt and equality under the law that we as a nation extoll.

FWAF realizes that until we address that structural racism, our African American families will continue to suffer these effects denying them equal treatment in our society at every level of the criminal justice system. A system that too often denies the humanity of our Black brothers and sisters. We join the call of our neighbors, brothers and sisters, co-workers, and members of our communities that black lives be respected and treated with the same level of humanity and respect expected of white lives because Black Lives Matter!

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