OCTOBER 10, 2022. This week, the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals determined that 600,000 young undocumented immigrants are “illegal”. These young adults, who were brought to the United States of America at a very early age without their consent, were able to fulfill some dreams of their own under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which started under the Obama administration. the court of appeals ruled that the Obama administration illegally implemented the program. The Farmworker Association of Florida denounces the Court’s decision.  

DACA recipients are people who work, study, build families and create businesses in this country and who form an essential part of our economy.  They pay taxes and have done some of the hardest, and most grueling work this country has to offer for low wages, and they deserve a chance to live with dignity and respect. You have seen them everywhere, walking their dogs; caring for you and your loved ones at hospitals; buying a home or vehicle; doing any essential work you need on your car, house, and everything else. These young adults, many of whom are now parents will lose work permits and possibly be separated from their children if they lose protection from deportation under DACA.  

As of now, no new DACA applications will be accepted.  If you are a DACA recipient, please renew your application as soon as possible. You will be allowed to renew for another two years. The future is uncertain after those two years. Only Congress can decide the fate of DACA. Many young adults are getting ready to protest and pressure Congress to overturn the Court of Appeals decision.  

No human being is illegal. Here at the Farmworker Association of Florida, we refuse to accept the Court of Appeals’ decision which is why we urge you to call your local and state representatives and let them know why their decision is so unjust and urge them to work across party lines for a just immigration reform that allows millions of undocumented Americans to live and work with dignity and without fear. This is also a reminder to register to vote and go out to vote on election day.  We cannot keep having people take governmental seats without having an empathetic heart to care about the most vulnerable.   

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