The Farmworker Association of Florida believes that no human is illegal. For a long period of time, since 1986 when the last Immigration Reform happened (IRCA), the FWAF is committed to regularize the immigrant status of all farmworkers in the United States in general and in Florida in particular.

Contrary to what anti-immigrant groups said, there is no line for farmworkers to migrate to the United States legally and there is a long history of discrimination and exploitation related to farmworkers in the United States. Their immigration status has been the process in which they are underpaid and exploited. 

We believe that all farmworkers deserve work permits, residency, and ultimately citizenship. If they are giving their life to feed us, the least they should get the security of their work and livelihood and as the aged the decency and calm of a pension.

Besides undocumented farmworkers, we strongly support citizenship for DACA and TPS recipients. We endorse the expedition of Driving Licenses for residents of Florida, independently of their immigration status, and strongly opposed the imposition of the Florida Anti-Sanctuary City legislation SB-168.

As members of La Via Campesina we promote the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Peasants and Other People Working in Rural Areas supporting the rights of migrant farmworkers and their rights for free mobility, health care services, and the right to organize themselves against exploitation and discrimination. 

Farmworkers on a tractor
Farmworkers in Apopka

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