Sí, Se Puede! Yes, We Can!

Pesticide Actions:

Through education and community organizing, the Farmworkers Association of Florida works to improve farmworkers’ health, working conditions, and access to quality healthcare; raise awareness of the harmful effects of toxic pesticides; and influence policy related to health and safety protections for farmworkers.

Health Education:

Often farmworker communities lack knowledge about prisons preventative healthcare and community health resources available to them. The farmworkers association provides community education and health referrals in the areas of vocational rehabilitation, pregnancy, HIV and STDs, and women’s health issues.

Immigrants’ Rights:

Low income immigrant communities have many factors or barriers that contribute to them being marginalized, underserved, and under represented. FWAF works to inform immigrant farmworkers of their rights and engage them in decision making and policy setting processes that impact their lives.

Research Projects:

The effects of pesticide exposure and heat stress on farmworker health has been appallingly understudied. In an effort to bring attention to farm worker health problems and to reduce the adverse effects of pesticide exposure, FWAF has conducted community health surveys and has been the community partner in two areas.

Worker Justice:

FWAF organizes and builds the skills of farmworkers to address injustice in the workplace, such as wage theft, and the impacts of globalization and mechanization. In addition, the Association works with minority small farmers to access the resources necessary to maintain and improve their farm operations.

Disaster Response:

Following natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and flooding, low income immigrant communities have consistently been slow to receive assistance and are often the victims of discriminatory and in adequate services. FWAF works to organize communities to know their rights in responding to disasters

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